FMS Secure Solutions, LLC has compiled a diverse team of INFOSEC Specialists, Engineers, and Computer Scientists whose skills can be applied at all tiers of today's security developments. FMS personnel can ensure the solid foundation of any INFOSEC architecture or product through requirements gathering, generation, analysis, and refinement. These requirements can then be applied to assist in the design, development, or analysis of any INFOSEC architecture required to meet the high-assurance challenges facing today's security products. FMS services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Information Systems Security (INFOSEC) Engineering
  • Type-1 Certification Testing, Analysis, and Evaluation
  • Secure Architecture Development and Programmable Module
    Embedment Support
  • Type-1 Certification Document Generation
    • Security Requirements Documentation
    • Theory of Design & Operation (TDO)
    • Theory of Compliance (TOC)
    • Security Evaluation Document (SED)
    • Security Verification (SV) Plan/Procedures
    • Key Management Plan (KMP)
    • Key Specifications
    • Software/HDL Support Documentation
    • Fail Safe Design Analysis (FSDA)
  • Electronic Key Management System (EKMS) and Key Management Infrastructure (KMI) Design Guidance
  • Software Code Review / IV&V
  • Program Management
  • Policy and Doctrine Development