FMS Secure Solutions (FMS) is a small, veteran-owned business founded in 2000 specializing in a wide range of information assurance (IA) and systems security engineering (SSE) consulting services. Our professional staff is fully cleared and trained with unique and innovative skill sets that can be applied to any technical information assurance challenge.

Currently, FMS offers experienced personnel with subject matter expertise in security requirements generation, secure architecture development, key management design and interoperability, reprogrammable cryptographic technologies, secure software code review, cryptographic evaluation and certification, TEMPEST design/evaluation/testing, and systems security engineering.

The following identifies a brief summary of our consulting services.

  • Security Requirements Generation and Analysis – Assisting the cryptographic or IA product development team in understanding and implementing the Government’s functional and assurance security requirements specification(s).
  • Security Architecture Design and Development – Supporting the system development team in defining the hardware and software security architecture to meet Government and Military Service security and operational requirements.
  • Product Security Documentation Generation and Review – Generating and/or reviewing the security and certification documentation defining the requirements, system architecture, software implementation, and verification testing prior to submittal to the Government for official evaluation and certification.
  • Independent Software Code Review – Performing Independent Analysis and Evaluation on security-related functions implemented in software/firmware products (e.g., embedded crypto devices, tactical systems, and wired/wireless communications systems).
  • Key Management Design, Compliance, and Interoperability Support – Providing guidance in understanding the interface requirements to the National Security Agency key management infrastructure (including the Electronic Key Management System and the Key Management Infrastructure). Assisting the implementation of key management designs and generation of all applicable key management documentation.
  • TEMPEST Evaluations – FMS has a Certified TEMPEST Professional (Level II) on staff. Managing generation and/or review of TEMPEST documentation, and facilitating TEMPEST product and facility testing.
  • NSA Technical Liaison – Acting as technical points of contact to the National Security Agency in support of cryptographic certification and system security engineering activities.